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Always remember, my spells are free and always will be.

About changeyourlifespells.com:

"My spells are free and
always will be."
- XOXO ♥

An entire Universe of troubles can do you no harm once true love has come into your life. To the unconvinced, this seems overly-simplistic but to those who have experienced it, they know in their heart and mind that nothing else matters but love. This truth is for everyone to experience - it is why we're alive - we are here to experience love.

When we're young, we judge ourselves by how others judge us. As a result, we never feel 'good enough'. If we stay this way, our lives quickly become nothing but a fragmented series of professional and romantic efforts that hearts and minds soon forget.

During this time, we struggle to make our way in what we increasingly believe is a dark and unforgiving world. We want to be loved, we want to be more beautiful, we want to be more successful but often we find that the effort we make only backfires and confirms our negative beliefs about ourselves.

Beliefs are an interesting thing. Beliefs can make us feel lost, trapped and left behind.

Spellwork can help us change our beliefs and if you change your beliefs, you will change your life.

Become more focused, more financially successful, more happy and more energetic. Become determined to lose weight, quit smoking and even become more beautiful in your own eyes as well as in the eyes of others.

Become immune to all the negativity surrounding you. Instead of reacting, gracefully tolerate endless torrents of personal attacks by quietly and responsibly using binding spells and only when necessary, revenge spells.

Through the rewards that only old age can bring (experience and wisdom), we all experience a truly complete life.

Do you feel trapped, lost or left behind in life? Don't worry, you are not. The best years of your life are ahead of you. They really are.

"Cast A Magick Spell That Really Works!" -


1. How do I cast a spell?
After choosing the spell you want, fill in the name or names of those involved in the spell and provide any additional information that you feel is necessary. Afterwards, carefully review your spell (check for errors) and when you are sure this is the change that you want, select the 'Cast Spell' button.

2. How will I know when my spell has been cast?
You will know when the spell has been cast because you will immediately feel the change come into your life.

3. How long do spells last?
If you notice the effects of your spell wearing off cast the same spell again and repeat this process until it no longer wears off. Try not to cast the same spell multiple times a day because it doesn't help or give it more power. Be patient, give your spell a chance to work and you will see exciting changes unfolding all around you.

4. Are the spells really free?
Yes, all of the spells are free and always will be.

5. Somebody is asking me to pay for spells. Is this you?
No, do not send money to them. Always cast your spells for free on changeyourlifespells.com. You will not find more powerful spells elsewhere. Please do not believe anyone selling "extra powerful" spells through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or anywhere else. They are impersonators operating from Nigeria, India and elsewhere: Learn more.

6. Are there impersonators on social media?
Yes, and if you're not careful, you could end up following an imposter.
The following is a complete list of the official and trustworthy social networking profiles of Change Your Life Spells:
Official Twitter account
Official google+ Page
Official Facebook Page
The rest are impersonators that will ask you for money.
Be very careful.

Do not respond to anyone selling spells through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or anywhere else. Cast your spells for free on changeyourlifespells.com. You will not find more powerful spells elsewhere ♥ ♥ ♥


"Change your life
with magick spells."

"My Free spells will change your life."

"When you cast a spell, you will immediately feel the change come into your life.

The Universe is constantly changing; instead of fighting it, ask What would you like to change?"

- XOXO ♥


Real Spells that work for free
V writes:
"Though it wasn't the career in his field, your magic has helped me guide him to 3 job offerings. Your magic has helped my family members a lot. It is especially going to determine which one my partner shall stick to in time as he shall grow and develop more skills and expereince in time. Thank-you so very much for your help with what you've done so far."

Thursday, March 14 HappyGirl writes:
"I forget to mention. The binding spell worked. He told me the truth and refused to lie to me. Lol! it was so funny listening to him, trying to hold back. Thank you for the spells, Xara."

HappyGirl writes:
"Thank you Xara. The broken arrow spell worked. The conversation went smooth like I asked."

N.A writes:
"The spell i casted for my brother and his wife worked just fine, after 3 days of the casting the divorce was no longer on the table and they went back to the love they ones knew for eachother! So thank you Xara"

Pat writes:
"Thanks Xara I got the money I needed a couple of days after you cast the spell thanks! I can't thank you enough. THANKS!"

 Sam writes:
"These spells really work fast. I felt mine work immediately."

Emily writes:
"The other sites always use ingredients or candles but I needed to cast spells without ingredients and without candles. Xara saves me the trouble and provides all those for me."

Mila writes:
"You're a real spellcaster! Everything is working out like it should! Thank you so much!"

Jamie writes:
"I can't express to you how grateful I am to have access to your totally free spells. My life has really changed!"

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"Cast a free spell." - XOXO ♥

Eve writes:
"Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!I did love spell and it first it wasnt working but then he came through.THANK YOY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH XARA"
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