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FRAUD SCAM WARNING: beware of impersonators.

Please do not believe anyone selling "extra powerful" spells through Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or anywhere else. They're just impersonators who will take your money and do nothing in return. Do not send them money.

You will not find more powerful spells elsewhere. Cast your spells for free on

If you find an impersonator, please report them immediately:
How to report on: Facebook, Gmail, Twitter.

Sometimes they use images from this website but they also use other people's images too:
Not Xara Beatrice Matsagou - Fake Impersonators

Some will ask that you send money through Western Union to places like India but the money is eventually sent to Nigeria. One of these impersonators requested Western Union payments sent to India but their I.P. was: through Vgc Communication in Lagos, Nigeria.

Several of them like to operate through fraudulent email accounts using the name "Xara Beatrice Matsagou" or similar sounding versions of it but sometimes they just go by the name "Beatrice Matsagou".

Please help by liking this Facebook page. It will discourage the scammers and impersonators on Facebook.

You can also help spread the word on Facebook, Yahoo Answers, YouTube and elsewhere to be aware that these fraudsters exist.

Always remember, if anyone charges you money for spells, do not respond to them.

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